Tips To Generate And Increase Sales In Any Business.

Tips To Generate And Increase Sales In Any Business.

Tip 1:Stay Positive:

You can’t expect prospective customers or clients to feel positive about your
company –or you –if you have a negative attitude when you are dealing with
them.  Always treat each customer as if they are your first one.

Tip 2:Be Confident in Your product or Service:

Even if you really aren’t all that confident in your product, try to put it across that
you think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. You don’t have to go overboard
here, but convince yourself, and at the same time you’ll convince those

Tip 3: Advertise, Advertise, and Advertise:

Did I mention that you need to advertise? lol . You don’t have to spend
a lot of money to make sure people know about your product or service. There are many ways to accomplish this. All you have to do is Google: How to Advertise and you’ll get many ideas to keep your business busy and rolling in Profits.

Tip 4: Hire More Staff / Assistants:

If you’re finding it difficult coping with the demands that your business is bringing
you, then think about hiring an extra pair of hands.

Tip 5: Get to Know Your Customer:

If you don’t know your customer then you can’t know what he or she wants from
you or your business.

Tip 6: Emphasize your Product or Service:

Make sure when you are talking to a prospective customer that you emphasize
your product and why it will be better for them than your competitor’s product.

Tip 7: Improve Customer Service:

Make sure that your Customer Service is spot on. Hopefully you won’t get any
complaints, but if you do, act on them.

Tip 8: Be Prepared to Compromise:

At the end of the day the customer is paying for the work, so reaching a
compromise might be the only solution to having a happy customer
–and getting paid.

Tip 9: Offer Upgrades:

Everyone loves to get something for nothing, and your customers are no
exception. If you are in a position to offer an upgrade to a service or product you
supply, then do it.

Tip 10: Write an Effective Sales Letter:

Sales letters are important, and they can generate a lot of interest and potential
custom, but only if they are written effectively.

Tip 11.  In business and life seek to help others before expecting anything back in return. Offer information that solves people’s problems and gets them closer to their goals and desires.

Tip 12. Mail out postcards to a targeted mailing list.

Note: Very few internet businesses  are using this strategy …

(I know of at least one person making six figures per year doing this)

They purchase high quality PLR products and then drive traffic to the sales page by mailing out postcards to a targeted mailing list (which you can buy from NextMark).

As it turns out, the response rate from the offline crowd is higher than that of the online crowd.One of the reasons for this is less competition.

Tip 13.  Start Using Up-sells today.

If you are not using up-sells effectively, you’re leaving money on the table for some else to snap up. Think back…How many times have you ordered fries just because the food clerk asked you “would you like fries to go along with it?” or perhaps you were given a discount on something when you already made a purchase?

Up-sells are very useful and Powerful!..They can lead to increased sales. Once they buy from you and are in a buying mood, it’s easier to close an additional and related sale.