Moneyzone – Tips to avoid a pickpocket,

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Number # 1 Rule…

Never keep valuables in your back pocket
This is the most vulnerable place for pickpockets.

* Try to Avoid walking through large crowds. Pickpockets Love large crowds and
they easily blend in and steal wallets without a notice.

* Store valuables in your front pocket.

* Create a secret pocket up high by your belt loops.

* Don’t touch or play with your wallet because This tips off a pickpocket
where your valuables are.

* Never count your money in public. While you are looking through your wallet,
someone could steal it out of your hands and run away with it. If you need
to count your money or look for a credit card,do so away from crowds.

* Don’t give money to panhandlers, only if you have loose change in your
pocket and you want to. Never take out your wallet in front of a panhandler,
you run the risk of them stealing it from you while you are looking for a

* Ladies Don’t Carry valuables in outer purse pockets. Use any exposed pockets
for non-valuables. Store your wallet and phone in a hard to reach place.

* Before going out Count your money at home or in a hotel room. Don’t ever put
money and credit cards on a table in a public place, because somebody could
steal it very fast.

* Never leave clasps and zippers open on your purse or backpack.

* Ladies If the strap is long enough on your purse, put it over your head so
the strap runs diagonally across your chest, with the purse itself under
your arm.
* On long trips Use a money belt or a hidden pocket. To increase your line of
defence prepare a mugger’s wallet if you think you’re going somewhere
* When you eat out,don’t give your credit card to the waiter take the time to
go with him/her, this will eliminate a thief’s opportunity to make copies of
your credit card.

* When travelling abroad try your best to Blend in like you know your way
around, avoid looking like a tourist.

* Don’t Leave valuables unattended. Like hanging a purse over a chair (when
in a restaurant or coffee shop).

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