How To Rank Really High In Google.

How To Rank Really High In Google.

Hey! How are you today? Welcome to my secret Google SEO tutorial! My name is Don. My handle on the Internet is #DataDiggerDon and it’s a pleasure to be writing to you today. Watch as I expose how a “little guy” outranks some big sites with this awesome SEO tutorial I’m about to share with You for FREE!

Look, It doesn’t matter whether you have 5 years or 5 months of experience online. It doesn’t matter if you have a $100 or $1,000,000 budget, every one of you has the chance of succeeding with SEO. You can do this, you just need to believe in yourself.


I would first like to start this Google SEO tutorial by putting my money where my mouth is so to speak and show you guys some proof of my ranking and that I am not bullshitting! My online reputation is built on trust, being upfront and transparent, minus the bullshit!.

So, I first want to show you my ranking for the keyword “CHINESE FOOD”, for this keyword I am ranking on page 1 of Google in position number 4 and as you can see if you search this term I rank ALONG OR ABOVE big sites like TripAdvisor and yelp.

Another example I want to show you is the keyword “FOOD EDMONTON”. As you will see again I am on page 1 and in position 4! Again, outranking sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, which have been around for years and it took me three months to one year. Look, whether it’s seed keywords or long tail, what you will learn today will help you with any keyword!

Ok, so now you know I walk the walk and talk the talk, how the hell do I get a good ranking like this by not having a very high domain authority or even page authority? Not to mention my domain is only a year old, so in Google’s eyes, I am still a baby blog. I will share with you how I do it in this Google SEO tutorial, however, what I learned a long time ago in this business is this.

You need to have the knowledge to succeed, but you need to apply it in the right way. I am proving to you that a little guy can still make it big with SEO! Ok, are you ready? Here is how you optimize your blog posts to rank really high in Google. I will split this into sections so it’s easier for you to understand.

What keywords to target and what search volume is needed?

Ok, I will keep things as simple, but yet effective as I can ok? This is how I optimize all my blog posts. So, when I choose a keyword, I just use google keyword planner. I do not use fancy numbers or waste time, I just look for keywords that have at least 500-1000 monthly searches, then I move on to Google and do my research.

I will walk you through an example ok? This is how I do my competition research. Let’s look at the keyword “best online website maker”. You will want to put the keyword in quotes and look for results less than 30,000, this is so you can get the exact domains that are targeting this keyword. Without quotes, you would see millions of results:

AWESOME!! We have 23,900 results so we are off to a good start. As a side note results like this barely require any backlinks, but for example, I still target keywords that have 80,000 results sometimes, they have more search volume as well and all you will need to do is get more quality backlinks!

Ok, moving on. The next search query I use is all in the title:” best online website maker”, you want this result to be below 10,000 and as you can see there are only 5 results where people have optimized their page title properly! (it’s like taking candy from a baby!).

I hope you’re enjoying this Google SEO tutorial, I really hope you’re finding some value! Ok, let’s continue…we have now done our research, I know it’s simple but hey keeping it simple wins this game, my friend! Don’t slack on the research you want to do it properly and you want to do it 1000%.

How to use on-page SEO for the best optimization?

The first thing you need to provide is value and uniqueness. Do this and you will be onto an amazing start! You next need to aim for 1500-2000 words a post. You want to also include images and screenshots or even videos! But be sure to leave credit for images where image credit is due!

Longer, more quality posts have been proven to rank higher and provide more value. You should aim for this every time.

Here is how to use on-page SEO:

====> For the title, you need to make sure the keyword is near the beginning, this has more ranking power! You also need to be aware of attracting click through’s, so use numbers where you can!

====> For your post URL/permalink you need to make sure it has your target keyword in. Keep it plain and simple, try to just have the keyword in the URL slug!

====> Make sure your H1 Tags, and sometimes H2 and H3 have your keyword in but don’t over-optimize this! In WordPress, most themes automatically generate the H1 tag.

====> Make sure your main keyword density is between 1% -1.5%. So for example in a blog post of 1000 words, mention the main keyword roughly 8 to 9 times!!

====> ADD LSI keywords, you can find them at the bottom of page one as shown below for our example keyword. LSI keywords are very important and they definitely make a difference, yet a lot of people never even use them.

As you can see you have LSI-related keywords here so use 2 or 3 of these in a 1500-word post but make it look natural ok? Feed Google what it needs!

====> Make sure your image alt text is your main keyword!

====> Your main keyword needs to be in your first paragraph in the first 100 words this adds a lot of SEO value! This gives Google spiders an excellent initial look into your page content!

====> For a 1500 article have outbound and inbound links. For example link inbound to other blog posts, but make sure to vary anchor text but keep it relevant. The outbound link also to authority sites. Look at some of my posts for reference. You should link out about 5 times and inbound link 5 times in a 1500 article I have found this to work well!

====> Whenever you link think of relevancy! If your post is about dog grooming don’t link out to a site about candy crush lol.

Finally, in terms of off-page SEO to be honest I really don’t do much! I have a DA of 16 and a PA of 28, so it’s good but not excellent but not bad. Here is what I do for off-page:

Share on all social media accounts…
Build a handful of QUALITY backlinks….
Make sure my internal link is bang on…
For the more competitive keywords, I use blogger outreach and network for links….

So, there you go these are the EXACT things I do in order to rank and bank it! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this secret Google SEO tutorial! I hope this helps you have a great day! Your friend #DataDiggerDon

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